About the Kingdom Bee Highway

We are a network of individuals, businesses and organisations who manage bee-friendly habitats, feeding stations or hives in Country Kerry. In the map above you can find all of the sites where people are assisting the local bee population, plus information on what is at each site and photos.

Most locations are listed using generalised details as they are not open for visitors.

Tralee Bee Highway was started by Cara Keane and Andrew O’Regan and Noel Keane in Autumn 2018.

Why we are doing this

The aim of the project is to highlight conservation efforts for bees species around Kerry. It also serves as a way of building awareness of the importance of and endangered status of many of our native bee species. With habitat loss a serious threat to our native bees, and with many of them threatened or endangered, we want to ensure the future survival of our bees and other pollinators.

Sites that welcome visitors have included GPS coordinates. If you are visiting any habitat populated by bees please take all necessary precautions. This includes being cognisant of the swarming and wild nature of bees. Visitors to any sites do so at their own risk. Inclusion on this site is for information/educational purposes only.

Get involved

If you want to know more about what we’re doing, or if you want to be included as part of the Highway please get in touch. This facility is open to those caring for wild bee species (bumble & solitary bees) as well as ‘domestic’ honey bees kept for honey and wax harvesting.


These groups, organisations and individuals have provided us with advice, information and guidance while we have been making the Bee Highway.

All Ireland Pollinators Plan
GLAN Tralee